Mail Order 4x4

The Challenge

Mail Order 4x4 (MO4x4) re-launched, an exciting website offering quality Land Rover Parts at competitive prices. The team put great effort into providing a seamless online parts marketplace for all Land Rover makes and models, as well as building a highly informative and interactive online community. The challenge was to drive specialist product sales to the website and encourage user participation within the interactive online communities on the site.

The Solution

MO4x4 adopted a carefully planned multichannel strategy, where online and offline work together. To complement the online and email strategy, Webprint offered a ‘compact brochure’, a commercial quality 16 page monthly catalogue printed on a high grade premium paper. The bright, tactile quality is perfect for showcasing the company’s product ranges.

The catalogue is despatched with each online order and also serves as a successful marketing tool when distributed at events or inserted into Motor Magazines. The product size meets Royal Mail specifications for Direct Mail and Door Drops. It is a lightweight and tangible source of information, where membership benefits, special offers, price, quality and performance can all be communicated quickly.

The Result

The compact brochure has become an indispensable part of the marketing mix, complementing MO4x4’s digital offerings and encouraging shoppers to go online to purchase products. MO4x4 found that many of their new web orders came from people who had the paper catalogue in front of them.

Adding print media to campaigns improves performance substantially. Campaigns with mail achieve over twice the market share growth than campaigns without mail in the mix. (Source: IPA Databank meta-analysis, Peter Field)

Cost effective, high value perception “We were delighted with the product and the price/value. The return on investment exceeded our expectations.” - Oliver Mitchell, Director MO4x4

Increased website visibility, increased product sales Sales increased at a higher rate when the catalogue was inserted into specialist magazines. It was an excellent way to drive traffic to the site and encourage customers to use the site to place orders.

“The catalogues were just fantastic; we had much better response than traditional advertising. We have found that people who received the catalogue use the website differently from those who have not. They buy the featured items. They know what they’re looking for, and they use the catalogue as a guide to what we’re selling.” - Liz Gilmore, Marketing Manager MO4x4