Stephen Pearce Pottery

The Challenge

Stephen Pearce Pottery, based in Shanagarry, County Cork, is an internationally known firm with a distinctive brand. Stephen’s Classic and Shanagarry pottery styles are immediately identifiable. Webprint supplies Stephen Pearce with unprinted white newsprint. This is used unaltered as a packaging material to suit their organic product, which is sent worldwide. The firm planned to exhibit at the Spring Fair International at the NEC, Birmingham in February 2013. Due to the close working relationship built up, they approached Webprint about printing unique advertising material for this show.

The Solution

Webprint developed a double panoramic poster, which involved producing in a single pass a printed, glued, trimmed, quarter-folded, and boxed product. 70gsm woodfree uncoated (103 brightness) fine-paper was selected on which to print the brochure as its bright, tactile quality was perfect for showcasing the pottery ranges.

Stephen Pearce’s pottery designers and artwork designers worked closely with Webprint over a two week period to evolve and refine the product. The initial specification called for the product to be trimmed, but the designer, who was on site for the printing, preferred the feel of the uncut edge and asked for it not to be trimmed off. This highlighted Webprint’s capability and flexibility to meet customers’ changing requirements immediately.

The Result

"The innovative design presented by Webprint offered us a chance to think outside the box when it became time to produce our brochure for ‘Spring Fair 2013’. It was a very cost effective solution that also attracted us due to the recycled nature of newspapers and the qualities of the newsprint itself, which for us complemented our handmade pottery and conveyed the tactile nature of our product. In designing for the brochure we started with the idea of “unfolding to discover more”. The layout of the brochure gave us the unique opportunity of using very large images to great effect and ultimately gave us the chance to present a comprehensive catalogue of our products in one view. With the design complete, it wasn’t until the printing began and we had the finished brochure that we were sure we had something special. At Spring Fair our brochure was met with great curiosity and delight by visitors to our stand. We have since included it in all our wholesale & retail orders worldwide and we have been getting positive feed back especially from the US. We believe our customers will hold onto it, unlike the usual newspaper, and use and reuse it. For us this has been a great success and we are already thinking of our next printing project with Webprint…”
- Cristin, Vanessa and the Stephen Pearce design team